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"This is tangible action.

This is changing my thinking on communicating with impact."

"I feel inspired and empowered. 

Tools are in my hands."

"It has given me the tools and motivation to keep going."

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Explore the science and practice of language-driven change and develop practical skills in planning and creating messages that change hearts, minds and actions.

Build your understanding of critical change-making concepts at the intersection of social neuroscience, cognition, linguistics and marketing. 

Increase your knowledge and awareness of your brain on change, connection and language - fundamental skillsets for changemakers at all scales and across issues helping people and communities navigate the polycrisis with care and creativity.

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Build practical knowledge and skills in language-driven change

explore change, connection and your brain . messaging with empathy in the polycrisis . understanding stress, uncertainty, anxiety, fear and fairness and their role in change narratives . message framing and reframing . how metaphor and imagery shape perception and reasoning . biases and perception gaps . psychology of human values motivation. social norm processes and leading change . who's it for, what's it for and your theory of change . explanation over persuasion as a core change strategy . planning and writing messages that activate care, connection and creativity . linguistic tips and techniques to enhance your message coherence and resonance.

We offer in person or online training and workshops tailored to your organisation and the change you seek to make. 

In 2024, our training will emphasise connection as the critical element of positive change.


Change, connection, language and your brain

How can we create positive change in the polycrisis? How can we cut through noise, fear, disconnection and uncertainty to orientate people towards positive change, together?

For guidance we can look to the emerging field of Social Cognitive Neuroscience; a cross-domain discipline that explores how our brains influence, and are influenced by, social thinking and behaviour.


We'll explore the fundamentals of change, connection, language and your brain. You'll learn how responses to uncertainty, stress and disruption are deeply ingrained in our evolutionary psychology and how current parallel crises in disconnection and uncertainty are impacting our individual and collective capacities to imagine and create positive futures.

From this perspective, we'll explore why fear and anger-based campaigns further entrench isolation and disconnection and how we can apply language-based strategies to activate compassionate values and re-engage creative thinking, planning and action for positive change.

connection and your brain
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