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"I feel like I struggle articulating my message at times and the framework and examples have given me clarity and guidance."

"I really appreciated your thoughtful, calm and accessible style and found the approach so compelling with the evidence behind it."

"It made me feel like I was experiencing deep learning that will have lasting impact on how I approach my advocacy messaging."



New project? Complex issue? Tricky audience? Unsure how to start or just stuck somewhere because...language.

Together, we'll work through a process to clarify the change you seek to make and how we can use language-based behaviour change strategies to get there.

Language-driven change

Intentional shifts in language create the conditions for insight and open up entirely new lines of thought and possibility.

Learn the subtle art of frame flipping to orientate people towards the possibilities (instead of away from the uncertainties) inherent in change. 

Discover how metaphor and imagery shape the parameters of thought and try shifting these parameters with intention to engage new perspectives and different signposts for reasoning.

Understanding how words encode values that influence our motivations and mindsets. Learn how to activate the values most aligned with greater good thinking and the change you seek to make.

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