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We focus our attention, thinking and effort on connection as a critical element of effective and enduring change.

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Connection is derived from the Latin 'con-' (together) and 'nectere' (to bind). Binding as distinct from merely bringing things together, reminds us that connections need to be created and nurtured with intention and awareness to catalyse something different; a change. 

We focus particularly, on two aspects of connection:

  • novel connections in the language of change as the nexus for insight generation and perspective shifts

  • social connection as the nexus for greater good thinking and positive community change.

Connecting concepts and
ideas to generate insights for change

Words for Changemakers

Generate personal insights and perspective shifts through an exploration of the language of change.

Each issue, we consider a different word connected to the concept of change. 

We explore where it comes from, what it implies, how it feels and what it brings forth. 

Curious? Subscribe to Words for Changemakers.

If you're leading change, you need to be intentional about connection

Connected people and communities are resilient; they are better able to cope with change and continue to function in positive ways. 

Connection to people, and to place and nature, increases our emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing. Social connection offers protective and healing factors to individuals and communities. It generates greater good thinking, curiosity, creativity and compassion. It foregrounds inclusion, fairness and equality of opportunity as motivating mindsets, allowing people and communities to move towards the possibilities inherent in change.

Conversely, disconnection - whether through isolation, exclusion, loneliness, fear or stress - reinforces the status quo. It promotes individualistic thinking and heightens the anxieties inherent in the uncertainty of change.

Social connection underpins the cohesiveness, compassion and creativity needed for people and communities to collectively navigate the polycrisis and its ongoing waves of shocks and disruptions.

Curious about connection? Come along to a Words for Change workshop to learn more about connection, change, language and your brain. 

Artwork by Anja Rozen,

aged 13 years:

'We are all Connected'.

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