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Next Gen changemaking
for big hearts and
curious minds creating

positive futures

Change the conversation

We apply learnings from social neuroscience, cognitive linguistics and marketing communication to create change based on the words we use - Words for Change.

Change hearts, minds and actions

Words get under our skin, into our hearts, and more chillingly, can be 'injected into the bloodstream', yet we have little cultural awareness of how words influence our perception, reasoning and behaviour.

Language activates thought and provides the means for written and spoken communication. It is our best (and only) tool for change.

When we change words, we change hearts, minds, actions.

for big hearts...

You're a changemaker, so you know first-hand, the struggles and challenges of engaging people on the change you seek to make.

  • How can you frame your messages so they activate greater good thinking and behaviours?

  • How can you convey the urgency of your issues without resorting to the counterproductive emotions of fear, anger and despair?

  • How can you make the most of each and every opportunity for change when attention, time and resources are limited and contested?

If you’re wrestling with these questions and looking for a new approach that is informed and inspired by the science of change, then this might just be for you.


Learn with us

Apply the science of change to your change-making practices.

...and curious minds

Gain skills, knowledge, techniques and tools to change hearts, minds and actions.

  • Learn how to create messages that are seen, heard, understood and acted on.

  • Shift your perspective, and your mindset from what you’re against, to what you’re for, to create momentum and orientate your audiences towards change.

  • Deepen your understanding of your brain on change and learn why human connection, care and curiosity form both the means and the goals of meaningful and enduring change strategies.

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