Our approach to communication:

  • applies the science of cognition, bias and perception to communication

  • recognises that people mostly reason through values, frames, metaphors and imagery, not facts and data alone

  • engages people first through shared intrinsic values to activate community-orientated mindsets and enable greater receptivity to information and calls to action (feel, know, do)

  • establishes empathy, accountability and purpose by emphasising hope over fear, solutions over problems, co-operation over competition and proximity over distance 

  • inspires through outcomes; says what we’re for, not what we’re against (avoids negation and myth-busting)

  • speaks from inevitability to demonstrate conviction, accelerate action and build social proof

  • contributes to an overall narrative of positive change; sets a vision of a fair, just and sustainable future.

Values-Led messaging

Values-Led messaging

Values-Led messaging

Change the conversation


We offer strategic communication guidance, workshops and training to build your skills and capacity in psychosocial communication and values-based messaging:​​​

  • learn how values, frames, metaphors and imagery shape perception, bias and congnition

  • apply the science of human values motivation and priming to messaging

  • create powerful message frames and reframes

  • understand the crucial role of metaphors and imagery in perception

  • put it all together to create purpose-driven values-based messages that activate the right values, set the right frame and change conversations for good.

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