"Excellent and practical"

"Great subject and very informative"

"An excellent session. Brilliant!"

"Thanks for reinforcing how important framing is"

Flexible training and workshop programs - adaptable to meet the needs of your group or organisation

  • The secret life of values

  • Messaging framing and reframing

  • Values-based communication

1 hour,  1/2 day and full day formats available or tailored to your needs.

Workshops and Training

Let's get stuck into a deeper exploration of values and how the words we use in our communications engage attitudes and behaviours that can either help or hinder your cause.



We'll use real-life examples from politics, environmental and climate change advocacy, social justice campaigns and more to build your understanding of how the values you engage can prime your audiences into a more compassionate or selfish mindset.


We'll also explore the role of explanatory metaphors in message framing, why you must avoid negation in your communications and why you always need to create a positive vision of what you do want that takes people with you, rather than fighting against what you don't want, which just disempowers and disconnects.


We'll finish by working on real-life examples from your organisation so you feel confident and equipped in the art and science of values-based messaging to create change. 

After attending this workshop I plan to...

"Think more about different ways to frame messages"

"Be more strategic in my messaging"​

"Explore my own use of language and work towards creating compassionate communications"

"Put my learnings into action in my personal and professional life"

"Use this framing to make granting pitches"

"Incorporate this into my everyday language"

"Use words differently"

"Utilise these tools"

"Reconsider my communication approach"

"Speak differently when I am trying to change people's minds"​

"Change the way we frame our message"

"Use what I've learned in my work"

"Review and reframe my messaging!"

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