Need HELP Getting your message across?

A skilled editor can:

  • be an impartial first reader

  • apply a logical structure and flow

  • guide on choice and consistency of language and style

  • simplify language, clarify messages and remove ambiguities

  • correct errors in spelling, voice, grammar, punctuation, format and style

  • check logic and layout of graphics, tables and other images

  • identify missing and incorrect content

  • proofread for errors as a final check before publication.

clear   consistent   correct

I provide the full range of editing services for non-fiction documents including structural editing to assess and improve order, flow and logic; copyediting to remove errors in punctuation, grammar and spelling, and ensure consistency in language and style; plus meticulous proofreading as a final check prior to submission or publication.

Everything needs an edit!

I am experienced at editing all sorts of products and publications. In recent years I have edited: academic papers, journal articles, research reports, management strategies, PhD theses, primary, secondary and tertiary textbooks, activity books and supplementary material, research synthesis and summary documents, discussion papers, booklets, brochures, fact sheets, magazine articles and related grey literature, media releases, emails, newsletters, promotional material, web text, powerpoint and Prezi presentations.  


"Thanks for your thoughtful suggestions and attention to detail. You've saved us a whole lot of time and trouble."

Community Development Officer, LG.

Academic editing

Make the most of your work. You invest time, resources and infinite personal and professional effort into your research. Don’t let your message be lost on an audience distracted by errors and inconsistencies in language and style.


As an author of peer-reviewed journal articles, I understand the process and requirements of publishing research and I will ensure your work meets the rigours of academic publishing and is submission-ready.


I will assist you in ensuring consistency of language and style while respectfully maintaining your voice. I will correct errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling; format tables, figures and references and comment on any other areas needing attention. 


I am experienced in meeting the requirements of most standard styles and referencing systems used in the life and social sciences.




Educational Editing

Working on educational materials is just about my favourite thing to do. I bring experience in research, teaching, communication and editing to primary, secondary and tertiary education projects. I work on a range of materials including student textbooks, activity books, e-books, digital learning platforms, fully worked solutions and other teacher resources.

I am currently working with the Oxford University Press and Pearson editorial teams on several senior science projects including:

  • Qld Year 11 Biology Skills and Assessment Book

  • NSW Year 11 Biology Student Textbook

  • NSW Year 12 Biology Student Textbook

  • NSW Year 11 Biology Skills and Assessment Book

  • NSW Year 12 Biology Skills and Assessment Book

  • NSW Year 12 Chemistry Skills and Assessment Book

  • Qld Year 11 & 12 Biology Teaching Program.


I have also recently edited a handbook on Biostatistics for Medical students at LaTrobe University.

Thesis editing:

higher degrees by research

I can provide invaluable help just prior to submission when you are exhausted by the process and need an experienced editor to take a fresh look at your thesis. 

I adhere to the ‘Guidelines for Editing Research Theses’ prepared by the Institute of Professional Editors and endorsed by the Australian Council of Graduate Research. These guidelines outline the nature and extent of the editorial assistance that professional editors may provide.


“Doing a doctorate is such a long, secluded and lonely process and I am very thankful that you made it easier for me. You helped me to articulate my thoughts and timely finalise my thesis. You made the process less stressful and I really appreciate how fast, flexible, professional and friendly you have been.”

"Trudi edited my PhD thesis according to university guidelines. The grammatical, spelling and formatting editing was completed accurately and correctly. Further suggested edits were clearly described with options given and explanations provided for my consideration. The editing was completed within the negotiated timeframe in a professional manner. I would certainly recommend Trudi as an editor."

"You showed high understanding of my thesis and I found all your comments very appropriate and accurate. I also loved your inputs on what I could do next in my writing and academic career, it is so refreshing to work with someone who actually cares and shows genuine interest in people beyond the specific tasks that brought us together.”    



Words for Change welcomes editing enquiries from postgraduate students. Please note that turnaround time for a typical PhD thesis of 80,000 words or so is generally seven days. Please book in early. 


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