Climate Change Messaging

Words for Change provides training and support in values-based climate change messaging. 

We need to take a comprehensive and considered approach to this most complex communication issue. Training builds your knowledge and understanding of:

  • psychosocial biases and resistance to climate change science and how to overcome these through messaging

  • critical messaging concepts and their application to climate change messaging

  • Human value motivations; how to prime ‘greater good’ community-orientated values in messaging (and avoid unhelpful and counterproductive value primes)

  • framing and reframing climate change: 

    • to emphasise hope over fear

    • to reduce the psychological distance of climate change from ‘there, then and them’ to ‘here, now, together’

    • to connect and cross scales

  • setting your message purpose and tips to strengthen your message

  • spreading your message: who, when and how.

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