Change Strategy

I’ll work with you to develop an adaptive strategy to change hearts, minds and polices on your issue. 


I’ll help you identify where your audiences stand on your issue and how you want this to shift. Together, we’ll get to know your audiences and understand their values, beliefs, identities and worldviews, and how we can connect with them to shift mindsets and activate change.


My approach is based on the science of human communication. I apply an evidence-based approach that draws on research and practice across the cognitive and behavioural sciences. 


Please be in touch if you’re keen to go deeper on your comms by integrating the science of bias, perception and persuasion to your change strategy. 

"Thank you again for your time and expertise, it was incredibly valuable to our process in developing messages that will resonate in the right way with both our stakeholders and community."

                                                                                                          Client, public sector, 2019